Social Networking in the Science Community

April 1, 2011 § Leave a comment

It’s as important to make new friends as it is to make new colleagues

iAMscientist is our example of a social networking site for the science community, a new professional network for scientists, researchers, engineers, and organizations to engage in topics and opportunities relative to them. Users can create a profile, where a user can place links to published work and track the interest in one’s research. It’s also perfect for folks who are looking for research positions, collaboration opportunities, or jobs in scientific research. Utilize social networking to find research collaborators and scientific professionals, to land a job, or to find a research grant by following these few simple tactics:

Shine the Spotlight on New and Unique Skill Sets

Impress your colleagues and competitors by learning new skills and covering new fields that go above and beyond your current role. Make sure your iAMscientist profile is complete and includes all the skills you’ve acquired. If your organization has collaborated previously, or is in need of collaborators with specific skills and expertise, this would be the way to find the correct person. It’s also a good way to draw the attention of other research institutions who may be searching for certain expertise to use on their next big project.

Connect to High Minds and High Places

Browsing current member organizations lets you search by name and publication so you can find scientists and researchers doing work that you are interested in. Connecting with them through iAMscientist will ease the process of finding scientific professionals that will add to the research your already doing. Reaching out to mentors and peers is one way to prep for adding a new team member, landing the job, or receiving the grant. After the accomplishment, a strong relationship with a peer will give you a friendly ear you can rely on for advice if things get tough.

Find opportunities in an atypical fashion

Organizations and research institutes can also use iAMscientist to hire qualified scientists or to find the right team with whom to collaborate research. There are hundreds of international and domestic requests for applications, research job postings and collaboration opportunities that can be found on iAMscientist. RFAs include:

Job opportunities include:

Currently in a limited release, organizations potential users can browse current members to request an invitation or may request membership directly. Membership is the only way to take advantage of the opportunities and openings previously mentioned. iAMscientist is a global community, so collaboration and communication can cross state and international borders. Present members come from universities and institutions all over the world, so there’s already an unlimited amount of opportunity in finding the perfect collaboration partner or to engage with other scientists working on similar research. Finding a job, a collaborator, or a collaboration opportunity in the sciences requires the same practical career advice as anyone else hunting in any other industry: network and put your best foot forward.


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