Recruiting the best scientists tough, but not impossible

February 24, 2011 § 4 Comments

With a nine percent unemployment rate in the United States, it may seem that finding qualified scientists and researchers would be much easier. After all, the economic recession did turn the job search into an employer’s market, where companies who are hiring would be able to select from the creme of the crop that’s out there. However, in the scientific world, that’s not always the case. After all, there aren’t that many people out there well versed in biophysics, or neuroscience technology, or even both.

Megan Driscoll, president of, said in December 2010 that the company found that scientific professionals just aren’t as interested in new job opportunities like they used to be. The telephone survey conducted revealed that “when we contacted top industry professionals three years ago, 90 per cent said they would be interested in hearing about new job opportunities. But when we repeated our survey this year, only 65 per cent said they were interested in information about new jobs.”

“People value their jobs much more than ever before. In these uncertain economic times they are reluctant to move and very concerned about keeping their pension benefits,” Driscoll said at the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists in New Orleans. She also encouraged senior scientists to keep their eyes open, despite the temptation to remain in a solid, stable position in this economy.

“Staying in the same job for more than 10 years can definitely damage your job prospects,” she said. “A lot of people pigeon-hole themselves by working too long in the same job. That can be a career-ender. If you are in danger of becoming pigeon-holed then you should expand your horizons as quickly as possible.”

A great way to recruit, or to expand those horizons, is through professional networking sites such as LinkedIn or iAMscientist. LinkedIn, for example, allows users to search by company name, which is helpful in finding the person with the right skills or a position with an institute or company a user wishes to collaborate with. This is especially useful since scientists and researchers (and relevant opportunities) aren’t often found on typical job boards like Indeed and Careerbuilder.

But recruiting from thousands of members on iAMscientist is incredibly easy and effective. You can search through the largest membership base of scientists, engineers and physicians across all disciplines .  Now, with the website’s new opportunity platform, it’s even easier to find someone with the necessary expertise by posting a job opportunity and reaching out to the relevant members directly using our reach-out engine.


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