We released a new opportunity platform for customers

February 22, 2011 § 2 Comments

Today, we released a new platform to help organizations present opportunities to the scientists engineers and physicians. The opportunity platform is a huge step up from what we had before. We added lots of new features to help organizations find and engage the right researcher. One of the nicest features that we added is the geo-positioning and search feature for opportunities. Now members of iAMscientist and visitors to the site can find the job, or consulting opportunity near them by using the “near location” drop-down and free text search.  Try it for yourself.Of course, if you are not a member of the iAMscientist community, only the publicly available opportunities are shown. Currently we have 12K publicly available and 23K private opportunities listed on the site.

With the new platform organizations can engage iAMscientist members in one of 3 ways.
Organizations can search for the right scientist engineer or physician by keyword and contact them directly using our new messaging platform which we call “communique”. Its a great feature if you’re interested in finding the right expert and getting in touch with them individually.
If you’re not sure who to contact, you can post an opportunity and have people who come to the site find and engage with the opportunity by filling out an application online. We also added the extra option of making the opportunity visible to everyone (public) or only to iAMscientist members. This way, you can restrict the number of application to only qualified researchers on the iAMscientist platform. You can, of course, also measure the engagement rate with your opportunity posting using our analytics tools that tell you the number of visitors to each opportunity listing page. Finally, we also added the ability  to tag the opportunity with keywords. This can make the opportunity easier to find using pre-defined keywords.
Finally, if you want to be more pro-active, you can reach out to the scientists, engineers and physicians on the network en-masse by inputting keywords that correspond to the expertise and interests of the researchers. Using our Reach-Out engine, we will then send a notification to the members of iAMscientist that matches that keyword on their profile.

We’re very proud of  all the work that we put in into this platform and hope you like it. Of course, feedback is always welcome.


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