Referral is the most effective way to recruit

November 10, 2010 § 1 Comment


A 2008/2009 survey of recruiters by AIM Group and the online recruiting resource site,
asked recruiters to assess the effectiveness of their sourcing channels. The results are listed
here starting from the most effective to the least:
1. Employee referral programs (most effective)
2. Recruitment sites overall
3. Niche recruitment sites
4. National recruitment sites
5. Executive recruitment sites
6.  College recruitment sites
7. Regional recruitment sites
8. Diversity recruitment sites
9. Business networking sites
10. Search engine marketing
11. Social networking sites
12. Alternative recruiting methods
13. Career fairs
14. Print media advertising (least effective)

With so many options and the process becoming more complicated, its not very surprising that recruiters are looking for better options. iAMscientist allows recruiters and organizations to engage the top minds in research engineering and medicine so that they can refer the appropriate candidate to apply for the position. What better way to find the right candidate than by getting their advisor to recommend your company or University?


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