Balancing writing papers and applying for grants

October 11, 2010 § Leave a comment

The majority of junior and senior faculty have to balance writing papers which is the measuring stick used to promote with applying for grants which is necessary to sustain continued research in the lab. This is a very hard balance to strike. As we wrote in the preivious post, almost half the time is spent writing grants and applying for research funding. How can this process be improved?

A lot of the time writing for grants is being wasted on proposals that are not right for the group, or not appropriate for that particular PI. The majority of the labs apply to NIH funding. While NIH funding provides the largest source of research money, it is becoming increasingly more competitive. At the same time a lot of medical research foundations are trying to find the right investigators to partner with them on building the next generation of transformative medicines.

We believe the key to solving this problem is in finding a way to match the right investigator with the organization that is interested in funding that investigator’s research. The diversity of ideas and needs requires an efficient exchange that can significantly reduce the amount of time being spent on wirting grants.


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