Half the time is spent on looking for and applying for grants

October 8, 2010 § Leave a comment

With more than half the time being spent on finding grants to fund basic research and development in academia, PIs are under increasing pressure to balance their work in the lab with demands to find money and get resources to run their labs. However, increasingly the funds come from private companies and non-profit medical foundations. A recent article by Stanford university outlines the extra demands of these entities to productize the results of the research being funded. More money is being spent on applying the resources to creating cures for diseases and devices for diagnostics. We believe that this is money well-spent that can both increase the efficiency of research and produce real impact on the health and well-being of the people funding that research. NIH and other large governmental institutions funding basic science have a huge role to play and have produced real innovation that has resulted in millions of lives saved, but have traditionally neglected the role of entrepreneurship in shepherding the knowledge through the dreaded valley of death. We need more funding for basic research, but we also need more emphasis on translational and inter-disciplinary research that balances the needs of the physicians, with those of scientists and engineers. Creating a dynamic team that understands both the science and the market is the key to making a difference to human health.


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