Steven Johnson’s excellent TED talk

October 5, 2010 § Leave a comment

Steven Johnson describes the importance of networks and bringing together scientists and engineers from diverse disciplines to create new ideas, products and technologies. In many ways he is talking about what we’re trying to do here at iAMscientist. He clearly describes the coffee-shop model where bringing together knowledge and experts from diverse disciplines allows ideas to “have sex” and create innovation. He is also lucidly describes the evolution of great innovation, describing it as more of a continuous path with a period of gestation rather than a transition e.g. a eureka moment.

The question is how we encourage forward thinking organizations to engage in this novel method of creating new knowledge. He acknowledges some of the difficulties by noting the existing IP infrastructure, and its effect on innovation. I think that the jury is still out, but forward thinking organizations have already figured out that the way forward is through a distributed model of idea and product creation. Lets hope that others will follow-suit.

“That is how innovation happens: Chance favors the connected mind” –Steven Johnson


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